Optional Gear Drive Electric Rotator

650 lb.

1,500 lb.
2,500 lb.
5,500 lb.



  • Neat, Clean appearance.
    No awkward brace in boom.
    Caged roller bearings for easier rotation.
    Grease fittings on axles for superior performance and longevity.
    Piling or seawall mounting through 2500 lb. capacities.
    Optional electric rotator
    Gear Drive winches on larger davits provide extreme durabillity and long lsting performance.
    Belt or manual winches on smaller davits
    Ground fault electric protection for safety.
    One year comprensive warranty
    5-Year gearbox warranty
    2-Year motor warranty


  • Riches Switches
    Remote Control
    Electric Rotator
    Spreader Bars



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